Thurgood Marshall Fundamental Middle School

Welcome to Your App

On this page we have provided material to you that you can use to help market and promote your new school app to your staff, your students, and parents.


Promoting Your App

At the end of the day, it’s all about making sure your users discover, download and use your app. Making that happen is not an easy job and requires more than you sending out an email.

Where to Spread the Word

Landing Page

Having a compelling landing page is critical. A landing page is a specific page on your website, much like this page, that you use to promote your app and that you drive website visitors to. This may seem obvious but in fact many organizations do not build website landing pages for their apps. This is a big mistake because landing page is one of the very first places where visitors ‘land’ when they hear about your app. The information you provide on that page can determine whether they visit the app store to download it or not. It’s like making the first impression. You can do it only once so do it well.

The perfect landing page should contain only useful information about the App and the benefits it can provide. It should provide the visitors a good idea of what they could expect after downloading it. Focus on providing a detailed feature list and the core benefits that it offers. The design should be plain and simple and provide information that is easy to understand. Make your potential users feel excited about trying it out.

Social Media

Social Media plays an important role today in everyday life. A great deal of people follow your school on social media websites.

76% of all teens use social media. Facebook is the dominant platform, with 71% of all teens using it. Instagram and Snapchat also have become increasingly important, with 52% of teens using Instagram and 41% using Snapchat. One-third of American teens use Twitter and another third use Google Plus.

To help promote your App we have created header images for Facebook and Twitter that you can use. Click on the button below view the images. Right click on the image to download it.