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Ios Apps

Kevin brings 25 years of business and personnel management to School Apps USA. He has worked with administration boards in developing marketing and operations strategies. His experience also includes consulting on the distribution of high end properties throughout the US. As a sales executive for 5 years Kevin
negotiated sales and brought over a million dollars in commission to his company.

With a love for children, Kevin has worked with kids directing and counseling in summer camps, coached youth sports for over 10 years, developed a soccer league for a Florida community through a coalition with the YMCA. Kevin also spent extensive time working with The Big Oaks Boys and Girls Ranches in AL.

Scott Cook
Executive DIrector of Technology

Scott has more than 25 years of experience working within the higher education market overseeing content management, product development and technology implementations to streamline workflows and improve content delivery to consumers of different types.

Scott has a passion for nonprofits and serves as an active board member for a number of nonprofits organizations.

People Foundry

  • Thurgood Marshall Fundamental Middle School has enhanced the overall transparency and communication throughout the school community as a result of the use of the school app provided by School Apps USA.  We have also added an additional safety measure to our campus with the introduction of the Bullying Reporting feature embedded within the app.  We have effectively mediated incidents of bullying without further alienating the victim or compromising confidentiality thanks to this feature.  We are proud and appreciative of the convenience the app has added to our modes to communicate with stakeholders.

    Solomon J. Lowery, Ed. D.
    Principal, Thurgood Marshall
  • “School Apps USA has allowed us to provide our parents with a truly valuable tool at an affordable price. That combination of quality and affordability is hard to come by and it’s been great to see our school community’s positive reaction.”

    Lauren Boettcher
    Lakota Local Schools, West Chester, Ohio
  • School Apps USA is a critical tried and strategic partner of the Ohio Educational Service Center Association.  The mobile technology provided by School Apps USA provides us a value-added member benefit that has improved our communication with association members and other stakeholders.  The user interface is extremely intuitive and user-friendly.  Most importantly, it has easily integrated into our social media and other communication strategies without any additional work.  The product is a “must have” for any school district, ESC or local political subdivision looking to improve the way they communicate with their constituencies and provide “just in time” updates and essential public services.  We look forward to a long and lasting relationship with School Apps USA.”

    Craig Burford
    OESCA Executive Director, State of Ohio