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What is StudentSuite?

Designed to provide today’s student with two products in one, the “StudentSuite” mobile app offers captivating student requested features while also providing a lifeline of resources for hurting students.
Student ID

Never worry about losing your ID ever again, because it’s always with you on your phone. Even if you upgrade, it doesn’t matter, Android or iOS, you’ve got it.

Dude! Where’s My Bus?

The all important question is finally answered with GPS technology that can place your bus and estimate arrival times within 30 seconds accuracy. Sweet!

Student Alarm

Not just another alarm clock. This baby is connected with your school district and can push back your alarm to allow you to sleep in on delays and closings.

Food & Stuff

With a great app comes great stuff and this app is no exception. Food & Stuff will allow you to stockpile those all important points to be redeemed for, well, you guessed it, Food & Stuff. Get rewarded for the things you do everyday. It’s about time, right?!?

Job Search

Are you in need of some spending cash? Yeah, we thought of that too! How about a prescreened job source for teens like you. Easily search and filter for part-time jobs in your area to give you the funds you need. Cash is king, Bro! Go get some!


Being a teen in school these days is not what it used to be. So we included some features to help; like being able to report anonymously a bullying event, and learning about a wide range of topics from depression, addiction, loss, self-harm, drug use and abuse to name a few.


What People Are Saying

“I don’t always have my ID, but I always have my phone!”

– Every kid ever

“Where was this app when I was in school? Kids today have no idea how amazing this technology is.”

– Every parent ever

“Great value to our students and parents. Great resource for us.”

– Every Student Suite School superintendent ever

Bullying National Statistics

2015 – 15 School Shootings
12 of the shooters were bullied and brought the weapon to school with the intent to harm the person who had bullied them.

77% – Have been bullied, physically, verbally, or mentally

86% – Have seen someone bullied

43% – Fear being bullied in the Bathroom at School

Self Harm National Statistics

4300 Suicides Attributed to Bullying 2015

2nd – Leading Cause of Death Amongst High School-Age Students

4 to 5 – Who Attempt Suicide Give Clear Warning Signs

Drug Abuse National Statistics

20M – Over the age of 13 have a drug addiction

90% – Began to use drugs or alcohol before the age of 18

23% – 9th – 12th graders reported using marijuana more than once in the last 30 days

1 out of 6 – Have reported using prescription drugs to change their mood or to get high


Lifeline Content

While working to provide technology to schools our company recognized an opportunity to throw a lifeline to students suffering in silence. We simply couldn’t ignore our responsibility to help.